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Product Information

Make sure to read all our product information before shopping our store!  This page gives additional information about the styles and fits of our products.  If you have any further questions, please email us from our Contact Us page.  Yappy Shopping!

Tie Style Scarves

Tie scarves are the traditional version of a dog scarf that easily ties around your pup's neck.  Using a simple knot, these scarves are perfect for the non-picky pups that enjoy having accessories! All our scarves are reversible with carefully chosen coordinating patterns.  Tie scarves must fit all the way around your pup's neck, so please carefully follow the weight size chart on the shop our store page to ensure proper fit.

Collar Style Scarves

Collar style scarves slide over top of your pup's existing collar!  Your pup's collar slides through an encasement slot at the top of the scarf and the scarf simply hangs on the back of the collar; place the collar back on your pup and see how cute the scarf looks!  Collar style scarves are a great option for picky pups who do not like having accessories tied around their necks.  Since the scarf is attached to their collar and simply lays on their back, pups do not have a problem with it and it is a super idea if your pup is an avid chewer.  Collar style scarves are not as size specific as tie scarves, but please still reference the weight sizing chart for general size details.

Winter Coats

Winter coats are made from anti-pill, high quality fleece. Adjustable velcro closures across the chest and stomach makes dressing your pup very easy and pups enjoy the cozy warmth of the fleece during cold winter months.  Each coat has an attached collar hood that can be lifted around their necks for extra warmth. The leash slot is located under the collar hood and allows the leash to be attached to your pup's collar and threaded through the slot for easy walking. Pups that use harnesses can still enjoy winter coats by either placing the harness over the coat or by creating a slit in the material at the harness leash connection to provide an opening.  All coats have a large amount of velcro to make them quite adjustable for dogs of all shapes and sizes.  Please reference the weight size chart on the shop our store page to purchase the correct size coat.


Raincoats come in four fabrics: PUL, Laminated Cotton, Pleather or Plastic.  PUL fabric is a laminated nylon that is leightweight, breathable and flexible. Laminated Cotton fabric is typical raincoat material that is cotton with a laminated plastic on top for waterproofing. Pleather raincoats come with coordinating bones attached to coat and collar hood; this material has a bit of stretch to it. Plastic raincoats come in a range of vibrant colors and are transparent; this material does not stretch but is flexible for comfort. Adjustable velcro closures across the chest and stomach make dressing your pup very easy and pups enjoy staying dry on those rainy days.  All raincoats have a large amount of velcro to make them quite adjustable for dogs of all shapes and sizes.  Please reference the weight size chart on shop our store page to purchase the correct size raincoat.  If your pup is close to the top of a weight size, it is suggested you move up a size...a bigger raincoat will just keep your pup a little drier and will be much more comfortable.

House Robes/Towel Robes

Robes are made out of comfortable terry cloth material and have several uses for you and your pup.  House Robes can add extra warmth inside your home during fall and winter months' like human pajama robes. Bathrobes help dry your pup after bathtime and most importantly keep your furniture and bed dry. We all know our pup's favorite thing to do when wet is shake and jump on the furniture!  A Towel Robe is a great option for pups who love to swim. Help dry them off and save your car upholstery at the same time!   Solid color robes come with a coordinating bone on the back or you can choose from our cute stripe pattern robes.  All robes have a large amount of velcro to make them quite adjustable for dogs of all shapes and sizes.  Please reference theweight size chart on shop our store page to purchase the correct size coat.

Doughnut Beds

Doughnut beds are made from high quality cotton and corduroy material and stuffed with anti-bunching polyfill.  All the fabric seams are double sewn to add an extra level of resilience to our beds.  Beds are machine washable and dryable - simply put the entire bed in your machine and feel confident in its durability. Beds are available in 3 sizes: Small (17 inch center diameter), Medium (22 inch center diameter), and Large (27 inch center diameter).  Choose a correct size based on whether your pup enjoys sleeping curled up or stretched out!

Dirty Dog Soap - Lavender Lemongrass

Lavender Lemongrass Dirty Dog Soap is an all natural alternative to harsh chemicals in commercial dog washes. Our soap is handmade with the essential oils of Lavender and Lemongrass with added Shea Butter. Lavender and Lemongrass are used to remove odors and make your pup smell lemony fresh. These essential oils are known to act as natural insect and flea repellents as well as providing a relaxing aroma. The added Shea Butter moisturizes your pups skin and coat. Dirty Dog Soap comes with an attached wristlet to make washing your dog easy. The soap lathers quickly and is easy to wash out. Lavender Lemongrass Dirty Dog Soap creates a herbal, natural answer to bath time with your best friend!


Bow Wow Collars come in two sizes: Small and Large.  Small collars expand from 8" - 16" and Large collars expand from 16" - 26".  All collars have heavy duty plastic snap buckles and strong solid metal D-rings for leash attachment.  All collars are made out of colorful polyproplene webbing with ribbon sewn on top.



Collar/Leash Bows & Bow Ties

Collar/Leash Bows are decorative handmade bows that attach to your pets collar or leash with double sided velcro!  They add an adorable look to pups necks and come in 3 sizes: Small, Medium and Large.  Currently, bows and bow ties are only availble at our craft shows. Coming online soon!

Snoods - By Sassy Snoods Our Sister Company!

Snoods are all hand-knitted circular scarves for the chilly winter!  They are great to be worn oustide with a Bow Wow Designs Coat or inside during the winter months to keep the chill away.  Snoods come in 5 different sizes: XS, Small, Medium, Large, XL.  They are made with various weight yarns and in different knitting patterns/designs.  Match a snood to your winter coat to be a fashionable pup this winter!


Bone Ornaments

Mini Rawhide Bone Christmas Ornaments are a fun addition to any pet loving tree at the holidays!  You can personalize your ornament with your pets name!!